Meet Julie

Hi, I'm Julie, the owner and artist here at Wicket Goods. I'm also a plant and outdoors lover and a mama to two kiddos, a dog, a cat, and a whole lot of chickens. You'll see my face a lot around here because I double as the official Wicket model (and photographer, head of shipping, social media extrordinaire...well, you get my point!). Not only am I passionate about the work I do, but I'm also passionate about cultivating community and building lasting relationships with my customers.

Why Wicket?

Handcrafted. Unique. Small batch.

When you order from Wicket, you are supporting a small business. You are skipping fast fashion to support a passion and a dream. Each piece is crafted with love, pride, and my own two hands.

How it Started

Although we've evolved over the years, Wicket was originally conceived with this in mind: To create unique, lightweight jewelry with an added benefit - the ability to diffuse your favorite essential oils in style. I've always been fond of art, style, and design and this was my way of marrying those things together while enjoying all of the benefits that essential oils have to offer.